Employees and customers aligned for business success. At pace.

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Employee and customer experience

We co-create and align brilliant employee and customer experiences to transform business performance.

Brilliant brands have brilliant cultures. They employ an exceptionally engaged workforce who keep a laser focus on their customers. ​What does this tell us? The better experience you give your people (EX), the better your customer experience (CX) will be. It’s a winning combination.

Customer experience is critical and unavoidable for every business

Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, you can’t avoid the impact of customer experience on your brand. Now more than ever, it is critical to give your organisation the edge in this new, hyper-competitive market.

Driving profit

Customer-centric organisations are 60% more profitable than those who fail to focus on their customers. Bottom-line performance is accelerated when EX and CX are aligned.

Winning culture

An unbeatable customer experience is driven by a winning employee experience. Organisations with a highly engaged workforce outperform their competitors by 147%.

Building loyalty

Loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again, and four times more likely to refer their friends or colleagues. Conversely, 48% won’t buy from a brand if a friend has had one bad experience.

Introducing EX x CX

Businesses have traditionally treated their EX and CX as distinct - developing separate strategies and employing different providers to improve each. But this fails to recognise the huge impact that one has on the other. ​

Lane4 partners with Brand Vista - a leading customer experience alignment agency - to streamline this process of culture-customer alignment. Our impact is multiplied as everything that we do works together to drive change and boost your organisation’s performance, at pace.

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How EX x CX works

​​The process of aligning your employee and customer experience is broken down into three phases:

Engage and Explore

Where are you now? Understanding your existing EX, CX, brand and culture by engaging your people and senior leadership team in the future ambition. Establishing the likely future direction of the market.


Where could you be? Shaping the CX and brand that appeals to your customers, whilst co-creating an EX and culture that appeals to your employees. Creating a change acceleration plan to close the gap between your current reality and future ambition.

Enable and embed

Making it happen – at pace​. Implementing your change acceleration plan at every level of your business, through our range of blended tools. Our Brand Alignment Monitor will then measure whether you’re delivering on your employee and customer promises.​

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