Leading Performance Simulation

Leadership is tough. Taking on the leadership of individuals and teams beyond the remit you enjoyed as an individual contributor isn’t an easy step. But here’s the real problem: second chances and practice runs don’t exist.

Why is a simulation effective for developing leadership skills?

  • We allow them to practise making tough, real-life decisions in an environment free from consequence
  • We show them the impact of their decisions, and offer them real-time feedback from SME’s.
  • We allow them to adjust their style, and try again at a pace that suits them.
  • We do all this, and we make it accessible from any place, at any time, on any device.

Live the key leadership moments

The Leading Performance Sim has been designed to replicate key leadership moments your people face day in, day out. By allowing them to practise in this virtual environment, we can speed up their development and enable them to truly make an impact when it counts.

See the effect your every day decisions have on your people


The simulation follows the ups and downs of department head Andrew, newly appointed manager Lucy and her well-established team. Watch the everyday challenges unfold in high quality, relatable scenarios.


Put yourself in the driving seat and choose the decisions Andrew and Lucy make faced with challenging moments. The path you then follow will depend on the decision you make.


In the same way a leader's choices, in real life, affect the people they manage and have a trickledown effect through the entire business. See the impact of your decision on Lucy and the team, and what would have happened if you’d chosen a different route.

The Leading Performance Sim helps your people to:

  • Develop the mindset and skills to ensure daily conversations about performance become a habitual process
  • Learn how to use goal setting effectively to provide individuals with the clarity and autonomy to do their job to a high standard
  • Build the confidence and competence of using feedback to positively impact on people’s performance
  • Learn skills to manage emotional responses in yourself and others
  • Recognise the impact every interaction has on others, remembering that every contact leaves a track

What our clients say

“You can see how easy it is to think you’re doing the right thing but actually causing mayhem.”

“Excellent representation of what can and does happen.”

“Very engaging - fun to do more than once making different choices to see the outcomes.”


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