Ready now programmes

Our off-the-shelf virtual programmes are designed to make sure learning truly sticks, whilst driving collaboration and social learning in an engaging, bitesize, virtual format.​

Programmes that support your people

  • All pre-designed, fully off the shelf and ready to be rolled out to your people today.

  • Hosted on our Lane4Learning platform, the courses provide a fully interactive learning experience from start to finish. Making it easy for your people to progress their learning.

  • Each course includes live bite-size virtual workshops, challenging activities, online content, guided reflection and more to boost and embed learning.

  • Delivered in cohorts of up to 15, your people learn and collaborate together to improve their skills on the job, with real practical application.
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Programmes that make a difference

Lane4 exists to make a positive difference to organisational performance and people’s working lives. ​We do this by helping clients to create great places to work, through applying the right development solution from our 6 core topics​.

These performance areas underpin our off-the-shelf programmes allowing you to scale development across your organisation and help people raise their game, inside and out of work.

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What we cover

All our programmes are designed to provide a deep dive into the behaviours and mindsets required for high performance in each topic area.​

Leading virtual teams

Despite research finding that the vast majority of team members encounter challenges when working virtually, only 16% have had any virtual team specific training.​ This programme is designed to support managers by providing a core set of tools and principles enabling team leaders to sustain and enhance the performance of their virtual teams.

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Leading through crisis

The painful irony is that whilst during a crisis individuals and teams will seek strong leadership more than ever, crisis is a scenario we don’t often prepare leaders for. ​This programme helps leaders to manage their own emotional state, learn the important factors necessary to keep people aligned and motivated, and cut through the noise to make effective, quick decisions in a calm and purposeful way.

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Wellbeing and resilience

Designed to support people to be the best version of themselves as often as possible. This programme prioritises helping people to develop strategies to deal with in-the-moment responses to increased levels of pressure, anxiety and stress. As well as build long term strategies to ensure the maintenance of their wellbeing remains a priority.​

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With adaptability being heralded as one of the top 5 soft skills that employees need to future-proof their organisation. This programme helps people measure their own adaptability and what tools, techniques and practices they can do to develop it. As well as helping people understand the difference between change and transition and how they effectively manage both, and how we thrive off the emotional response we have to this rather than traditional resistance that is generally shown to change.

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Coaching skills

It can be difficult to make the time to coach peers and teams but research has proven time and again the benefits effective coaching can bring. Managers who coach effectively can inspire, empower and develop those around them, resulting in increased time for themselves to get out the weeds and focus on the bigger picture. ​

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How it works

Off-the-shelf virtual programmes are designed to create an engaging learning experiences from start to finish. Based on our Performance Learning Journey, they are underpinned by our evidence-based understanding of how people learn, behave and improve their performance.


The extent to which behaviour change is achieved is influenced by the beliefs a person brings to the situation. People need to know why they need to learn something before change takes place. Our programmes start the moment you enrol with Engage activities that get people ready for the first workshop by helping them identify the changes needed to enhance their performance and aims to motivate them to engage fully in the learning.


People learn from experience. This allows them to discover and experiment with doing things differently first-hand. We make sure the core of our programmes are fun, engaging and experiential to kick-start that change. Our programmes include a series of facilitated workshops with activities to do between each. This Activate section supports people as they learn and embed new behaviours.


We design programmes that are sticky, planning for long-term behaviour change and not just a short immediate spike in performance. Once someone has completed a programme, they have targeted materials so they continue to feel supported to apply their learning to real life situations.


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