Team4 Practitioner

Looking to develop teams that outperform the competition? Accredit your own in-house practitioners to drive the development of high performing teams across the business.

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Team4 Practitioner is for you if:

  • You want to provide high quality team development in-house
  • You need access to a diagnostic that pinpoints team strengths and development areas
  • You want a scalable, high performance solution across multiple teams
  • You want to create your own experts in team development
  • You're looking for a toolbox of readily designed sessions to use with teams

Benefits of Team4 Practitioner

4 steps to become a practitioner:


Empower your team leaders and line managers to measure and enhance the performance of their teams.

2. Learn

Attend a 2-day accreditation programme delivered by Lane4 Team experts, to boost your knowledge and understanding.

3. Practice

Practice what you have learnt, supported by a peer network of learners, your Lane4 coach and further expert content.

4. Accredited

Complete your reflective assignment and 1:1 assessment call, becoming a licenced Team4 Practitioner! Receive access to your diagnostic portal and ongoing toolbox of resources.

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